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Rights Managed or the alternative

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All of my images are Rights Managed and it seems that sales are falling off. I have considered converting to Royalty free but am unsure whether that would substantially end the income from images on Alamy. I would like input from those who are royalty free and from those who may have switched. Also, if I do go royalty free,and it turns out to be an error, can I revert to Rights managed?

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The concensus is that Alamy is good at selling rights managed editorial stock.  My experience backs this up, looking at RF may be a red herring.


To address sales falling off, a more obvious action would be to revisit your captions. Alamy have said that a prose caption works better than just putting the keywords in the caption section.


Good luck.

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What percentage of alamy sales are RF? do customers really care any more ?  Any contributor with equal quality (ie good images not second best). RF and RM  have any comment?  Are the fees the same?  Do we have special offer purchases for RF ?

Personally I prefer to sell RM ( I have 5000 + and they have earned  a lot of money on Alamy ). Getty sell video with what they call RR (Rights Ready, The fees are still terrible apart from the very occasional high value Advertising use ) I am not sure what RR really means. I suppose it means similar to RM.

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