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Balance of account




How to understand these values. What is the actual profit?




Account name : MARCELO DE LA TORRE

Balance brought forward: $47.31
Total sales: $5.04
Commission / charges: $-3.02
Total payments to you: $0.00
Balance carried forward: $49.33
Cleared balance: $47.31
Next payment date:

Not due





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We can't tell you your profit because we don't know your business expenses, but if you mean when will you get a payment, it's at the end of the month in which your cleared balance exceeds $50. Since your balance carried forward is only $49, it will depend on future sales.

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!Hola Marcelo!

Nice food pictures! Are you able to redo your images with 'Burguer' in the background with the English spelling 'Burger'? Would make them much more likely to sell.

hamburger applied to notice design or promotional sign - Image ID: 2BE71RE


Edited by Steve F
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