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Urgent help with putting up October poll please!

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It's already late and having finally made my selection for the poll I am having trouble with making it appear.


I have all in info in Poll manager, have clicked finished and when I try the insert poll icon in tool bar I get an error message.


Savy plain speaking person needed.




Chris E

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Hi Chris:


I copied Phillipe's instructions so will try to paste them here. He says you should "Make Votes Public". I prefer that they not be public. It's kind of uncomfortable if I'm not voting for someone I feel I have made a friend of on the forum. So let's see if I can put this copy in..




1) Click on Start New Topic

2) Fill in Topic Title as well as a little introduction message in the large message box.

3) Click on Manage Topic Poll (look for it on the right)

4) Fill in the Poll Title.

5) Don't forget to click on Make votes public

6) Fill in the Question 1 box (something like "Please vote for the nominees of the .....")

7) In the next box "1." you fill in the name and reference number of the picture of your first nominee.

8) Click on + Add Another Choice and fill in the name and reference number of the picture of your second nominee.

9) Do the same for the other nominees.

10) Click on Finished

11) IMPORTANT: don't forget to click on POST NEW TOPIC in the initial screen.

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