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Questions about editing / histogram / cut

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Good Morning
I'm new to Alamy and I have doubts ...
About how much I can edit a photo, for example, if I have a very dark photo, how can I improve it?
I work on the Fast Stone program, can I adjust the lighting?

If there is something in the picture that I didn't notice when I took the picture, can I make the cut?
Can I resize or trim the photo?
Sorry my Brazilian English

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Hello Jose,


Adjustments to lighting, colour and composition are OK, but you have to be careful that any improvements you make to the picture do not cause a QC failure.


Make sure that after any edit your picture still meets this guidance:-




When adjusting the lighting the expectation is a histogram where the black point is at 0 and the white point 255, give or take a few %. 


Cropping a picture to remove something on the periphery that distracts or reduces the value  of the picture is OK for stock, the picture must still be have an uncompressed (opened) file size of 17MB or more.


I am not familiar with Fast Stone, but most contributors are shooting RAW and using Adobe, Capture One or the RAW convertor supplied by the camera manufacturer.


Good Luck,






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