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Alamy taking too much commission

Johnny Saunderson

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I've been selling photos through Alamy for a number of years without any issues, but lately I am having problems with them sharing my photos with a third party distributor. I had signed up to this, being tempted by the sales pitch that it was another 'lucrative" avenue. I soon discovered that any sales where watered down to the point where the amount I received was both not worth it and deeply insulting. It was especially livid to discover that the third party was taking a much larger percentage. I promptly complained and opted out last April, settling for the simple arrangement of a 50/50 spilt with Alamy by giving them exclusivity.

So... I was gobsmacked to learn that earlier this month (July) one of my pictures was again sold through a third party who took 40%, leaving me with 30%. I have written again to Alamy, demanding an explanation and demanding that this stops NOW!

Have any other photographers out there had this problem? Can you advise me what legal avenues I can take if they continue to fail to honour the agreement? And can anyone recommend another photo agency?


PS I am already braced for the usual Covid-19 excuses, as though no-one else has to deal with the situation.

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Hi Johnny


Distribution sales are reported to Alamy on a quarterly basis and not as they happen, so the sale was most likely made before you opted out. We can confirm that you were opted out of these sales from April this year and your images are no longer available for our distributors to see. 


Just let us know if you have any further questions. 


All the best




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