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Found 4 results

  1. The world of finance it is always boiled. Dears, I never understood the calculation of new commision. So, what is it my real earn? Maybe @Alamydevelopers should give a re-style at some pages like Balance of account view. Eg. I saw that: Date Description Alamy image ID Detail Debit ($) Credit ($) Balance ($) Paid * 22 December 2022 Alamy Distribution Commission 2HH7W2E 60% of net 0.90 35.26 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Distributor Commission 2HH7W2E 40% Distributor Commission 1.00 34.26 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Sale 2HH7W2E Sale 2.51 36.77 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Alamy Distribution Commission 2HH7W2E 60% of net 0.90 35.87 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Distributor Commission 2HH7W2E 40% Distributor Commission 1.00 34.87 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Sale Refunded 2HH7W2E Original sale date (22 December 2022) 2.51 32.36 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Alamy Distribution Commission Refunded 2HH7W2E Original sale date (22 December 2022) 0.90 33.26 Uncleared 22 December 2022 Distributor Commission Refunded 2HH7W2E Original sale date (22 December 2022) 1.00 34.26 Uncleared Could, someone of you, explain me what hell done here? How much was the net earned? Please, could some kind of you explain me what is the mathematical operation I should do? Which numerbs i have to sum or subtract? At the end, someone have any idea what is this transaction? 11 January 2023 Other income ASCRL Summer Distribution - DEC 2022 10.00 44.26 Cleared Thank to all for attention and patient BR
  2. I take advantage of your kind availability to invite you to participate in a survey. I don't know how many Alamy contributors there are, but with the survey let's try to imagine how many users have become platinum users. In two months, a year will have passed since Mrs. Emily Shelley's communication. We will finally know who the lucky platinum users will be. I hope, in the name of transparency, #Alamy shares with us a report showing who goes up and who goes down in this market ...mmmm, what do we want to call it? of misery? Seriously, I really hope that many of you will become platinum users 👍. I will probably stay in the gold level 👎 Hoping that Alamy's measurement tools have worked well throughout this year 💞: Balance brought forward: $72.29 Total sales: $413.93 Commission / charges: $-249.37 Total payments to you: $-162.89 Balance carried forward: $73.96 Cleared balance: $16.88 Next payment date: Not due This is the one year balance (March 1, 2021 - March 16, 2022) of my account. To stay in the gold profile, just sell more than $ 250 gross in 12 months. If I understand correctly, I have sold 413 $ gross (yeah!) and I only made 72-73 $ (buuuu) ...- 80%? 🤔 Correct? Please, someone can help me understand if I interpret this table correctly? My best regards for all of you.
  3. I've been selling photos through Alamy for a number of years without any issues, but lately I am having problems with them sharing my photos with a third party distributor. I had signed up to this, being tempted by the sales pitch that it was another 'lucrative" avenue. I soon discovered that any sales where watered down to the point where the amount I received was both not worth it and deeply insulting. It was especially livid to discover that the third party was taking a much larger percentage. I promptly complained and opted out last April, settling for the simple arrangement of a 50/50 spilt with Alamy by giving them exclusivity. So... I was gobsmacked to learn that earlier this month (July) one of my pictures was again sold through a third party who took 40%, leaving me with 30%. I have written again to Alamy, demanding an explanation and demanding that this stops NOW! Have any other photographers out there had this problem? Can you advise me what legal avenues I can take if they continue to fail to honour the agreement? And can anyone recommend another photo agency? PS I am already braced for the usual Covid-19 excuses, as though no-one else has to deal with the situation.
  4. Hi all, Had my first sale last month so I'm curious about the commission structure. I noticed there was: - 30% alamy commission - 40% distributor commission Is this right? I seem to remember 50% commission but its been a while since I read the fees structure. Thanks Hai
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