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Help with plant Id's please


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50 minutes ago, John Richmond said:

Those two I can't help you with unless you have shots of them flowering but I can help with 2B02FW4 - that's a Brugmansia.

thats great John thank you. I will see if I can find an image of the top one in flower, (I think I had one that I was not happy to upload), and will get out an take a photo of the bottom one. 

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9 minutes ago, Sally R said:

Hi George, I'm really not sure, but I'm just wondering if the second one is a New Zealand Rata tree. They do have red flowers that are a bit bottlebrush-like. I'm going by the shape of the leaf and the look of the buds here. There is a southern Rata (Metrosideros umbellata) and a northern Rata (Metrosideros robusta). There are other species too that grow in NZ plus other areas of the Pacific https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metrosideros So I'm guessing maybe the genus Metrosideros, but beyond that I'm not too sure.



Hi Sally,

I think you are correct and that it is one of the Metrosideros. I did not manage to get out yesterday to get an image of the flowers, I have them on my mobile but not sure how to upload that here. I did ask on a local FB page and that seems to be the consensus of opinion. I should of mentioned the photograph is taken in Portugal and they do grow well here along the coast. 

I will try to get out and take some pics today and get them uploaded to confirm, the other one I now think is a quince bud, again need to upload a photo of the flowers open. Hopefully I will manage to get around to it today. 

Thanks for your imput.


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