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Replacing your kit/insurance - input needed!



My camera insurance is up for renewal, but following a heart attack last year, I’m fully retired and no longer need the public indemnity/professional liability etc that was part of that policy. My intention is to add in the cost of a replacement kit into my house insurance, thereby saving myself a few hundred pounds a year. Worse case scenario would be if it was all stolen - but as I’m now retired – I wouldn’t need to replace all of it.


So – two questions – if you were starting from scratch – what would you buy? I’ve been a Canon user for the last 20 years (Nikon for 20 years prior to that), prefer full frame bodies, would like lenses from at least 24mm to 200mm, and will need a flash gun or two - but what would you choose and why?


And of course, if you too are adding this into your house insurance, how much extra did it bump up the cost?

Thanks in advance for all input on this!



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My public liability insurance also £2M.  The only time I had to increase it was when I did a wedding shoot at Waddesdon Manor who insisted on £5M and certain other conditions and proof/copy of certificate, all of which I provided.  Guess it would depend on cost how much for you to increase it, I don't think it would be too much more so probably worth checking it out.



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