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16 hours ago, Uwe Moser said:

Hi, is there any possibility to copy and paste all entries from one uploade pic to others during keywording procedure. I cannot find anything like that in the Image manager!



Best method is to select all the images which you want to have the same entries first, and then enter the information (caption, tags etc.). This will put identical information into all the images in the fields that you make entries in. Then deselect the images and reselect individual images to make final adjustments according to the differences between images.


With respect to copy and paste between images where you have already entered information, make sure only 1 image is selected for the copy operation. If more than one image is selected the copy options disappear.



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3 minutes ago, Uwe Moser said:

Thank you all so far! But I would like to copy/paste not only the tags, but all Info of one Image (Caption, tags, location,date  taken, categories and so on) to another or sveral images.


I don't think you can copy date and attributes.

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