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Hi from Bulgaria


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Hi Guys, fellow contributors,

First let me wish you well and hope that you are keeping safe from the terrible Covid 19 virus which has affected us all and has taken so many lives. ☹️


I have joined Alamy this month🙂 and have been spending my 'time in isolation' uploading images to my portfolio. I have been reading the forums and blogs and have taken on board many tips from the varied topics.

One thing that really is time consuming and I am really trying to get right is 'keywording' I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it.


I was doing well with getting the 'green light' but afterwards I revisited every image and deleted the keywords that I thought were a little on the fence, I don't have many green lights now but I feel happier that someone will not be misled by any keywords, and besides what else would I be doing with my time in 'lockdown'? 

Keep Safe out there😷

Paul aka Yorkshireknight

A link to my portfolio

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Hi Paul, welcome.

Yes, we all find keywording a pain I think! If by green light you're referring to optimum discoverability, then yes, you're right, we decided a while ago that getting images to green just hurt your ranking unless you really did need that many keywords for an image. There's a lot of threads about it in the forum.

Keeping safe (and a bit stir crazy), just running the gauntlet of supermarket shops....


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Thank you Steve for the welcome, having read some of those threads about optimum discoverability and your personal view I shall continue to refrain from making so many needless keywords. I hope you managed to do your shopping without too much hassle. We have just returned from a walk around the village, it was hard going. I think my legs had forgotten what to do after being stuck under a computer desk for so long!🙄



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1 hour ago, carol anne said:

May I ask how long did it took for your first batch to be reviewed? I uploaded my first batch a week ago and have no idea how much longer does it take


Hi Carol Anne,  reviewing is taking a little longer due to the unprecedented situation (as Space Cadet has linked in his reply)  You will be notified in due course and I understand your eagerness to 'crack on' welcome to Alamy and to the forum I wish you every success.


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