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Hi all,


Looking back at one year of my sales, after all fees and commissions, my Alamy earnigs were 40.3% of sales. I'm on the 50% exclusive plan. This of course was due to distributor sales cutting in on the action, and did not include DACS. I think expecting 40% gross is a good benchmark for business planning...for now.

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No doubt, despite all its pros and cons and the price drop we all have been experiencing for the last years, Alamy is the only stock photo service around that pays a fair percentage, as well as a quite commendable attention, to its contributors. That's why I've never signed with other agencies, despite some of them repeatedly asked me to do that. Now, I'm really hoping Alamy will play more internationally. I liked the "old" Alamy, but I always found it a bit too much UK-oriented.  I'm pretty sure the stock photo market is going to be an even more global business in the near future.

That's why I think Alamy's biggest asset is not its 160M-picture collection, but its incredibly diverse international group of passionate contributors.

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Alamy has made considerable effort to operate in the international market but their strength still remains in the UK where they have a lot of expertise. They have been taken over by PA which is also UK based, so I would be surprised to see a big change in direction. When I think of your Italy, I am reminded of Grazia Neri (Milano) who were real editorial specialists. They paid the highest commission in the industry (70% to photographer) and treated photographers well, but as the Italian publishing dwindled, it was no longer profitable and they folded some ten years ago. Mostly sold features through them but picked up some nice stock sales as well. Them was the days as they say!

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