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[LU] code in Alamy measures/customer search activity.


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Some (potential) customers have searched for Manchester [LU]. For what does [LU] stand?

The key on the page shows this list...

  • RM - Rights Managed
  • RF - Royalty-Free
  • PR - Property Released
  • MR - Model Released
  • Land - Landscape
  • Pt - Portrait
  • Pan - Panoramic
  • Sq - Square
  • C - Creative
  • WP - With People
  • WOP - Without People
  • DT - Date Taken
  • AE - Archive Excluded
  • FS - File Size
  • PH - Photograph
  • IL - Illustration
  • CO - Cut Outs

I cant see LU - unless its L for location and U for UK...but then what about Ukraine, USA etc?  

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