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  1. Its not one of mine that Dr Martens boot. Not sure why they credited me.
  2. Thanks for that reply er ...Alamy - do they read this forum?
  3. "Give us your suggestions and ideas for Alamy here. We promise to read everything posted if you promise to keep all posts constructive, deal?" Any feedback Alamy? - even a "yes we read this" would be nice.
  4. Hi. Am I missing something? Whenever I search in the https://www.alamy.com/contentresearchtool/whatshouldishoot.aspx page I keep getting the same results. Is the requirements list actually ever updated? Could you at least please put a date on the page LAST UPDATED ON: dd/mm/yyyy.
  5. Bloody Hell, ANYTHING manmade could be construed as "ART"
  6. Yeah - I thought this was the case as well...I will see if I can find the source of this belief.
  7. You should avoid cliche like the plague I know, but...
  8. I was advised to avoid photographing children's faces (:shrug) so long shutter speed to blur them - I quite liked the effect. Rochdale. Catch Dippy on Tour here...https://www.nhm.ac.uk/take-part/dippy-on-tour.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAs67yBRC7ARIsAF49CdX59gf5d9zuFHSiWTHvdZgIBQ0oHt0erZbFoGTGvREaDNldmSd6VDoaArekEALw_wcB I
  9. A total cliche but... BTW how does one post the large images?
  10. Some (potential) customers have searched for Manchester [LU]. For what does [LU] stand? The key on the page shows this list... RM - Rights Managed RF - Royalty-Free PR - Property Released MR - Model Released Land - Landscape Pt - Portrait Pan - Panoramic Sq - Square C - Creative WP - With People WOP - Without People
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