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IPTC data from a direct downloaded licensed image

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Hello all,


I would like to ask to someone who have buy a license directly from Alamy if he/she can detail me the IPTC data of the direct downloaded image.

I’m asking this because I found an unreported sale which published image has got IPTC data that clearly seems to tell that the image was directly licensed from Alamy.
Contributor relations tell me that they haven't got a record of that license, so it is so strange and disturbing to me.


Thank you in advance and regards

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1 hour ago, sooth said:

I found one photo of mine a few months ago where the newspaper didn't strip the iptc data.   in the description tab, the caption box contained the alamy photo id;  in the special instructions box was the alamy invoice url, the alamy ref id for that sale. in the credits/origin tab, the boxes were contained the alamy url, the city alamy is located in abingdon, oxfordshire, and the alamy photo id. 


Thank you very much, sooth. 

That is exactly what I was looking for. In my case IPTC data are exactly the same.

I suppose clients normally strip images metadata, but sometimes they forgot! Good for us.


Now it is time for Alamy to clarify what happened with my sale... 😡


Thank you and regards

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