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Location filter issue


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This is an issue I have been in touch with CR but who seem unable to help with.


It is aimed particularly at images uploaded during the period that the location field in AIM auto-completed with the Google maps style app. When it did so it completed the address for UK based locations as the long form United Kingdom so I, like many contributors, have many image locations saved as United Kingdom - possibly thousands for me, hundreds of thousands for Alamy?


Now, when a customer searches for a subject and then chooses the filter 'UK' those images are not selected. It doesn't recognise United Kingdom as UK, nor for that matter, EU as Europe. So such images will not be purchased.


CR seemed to think that having UK as a keyword would trigger the filter, but a few tests on my images would indicate otherwise.


Would it not be possible to make changes to the filter such that it can 'see' United Kingdom and EU? I presume that might also go for the long form for USA too?

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