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Upload 360-degree spherical panoramic images



Hello everybody,


I would like to upload some 360 degree panoramic images, but I don`t know, how to prepare these images properly for uploading to Alamy. Sorry for this naive question.

From Quidelines:

The images must contain Photosphere XMP metadata.

Projection type must be Equirectangular.

Could somebody explain me please how to prepare images, that comes from 360-degree camera with these conditions /above/.


Sorry......I am new.

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I'm not sure whether you are going to find an answer to your question here. Not a great many people at Alamy do 360 degree spherical panoramas and I suspect those who do don't regularly contribute to the forum. Usually, if the required expertise available here, someone here will come forward to assist within a day or two at the most.


If you search the forum for '360 degrees' there are one or two old threads, but nothing that is really very helpful to you.  You might have to research this question further using other parts of the internet. I hope you can find the answers you seek somewhere. When you do, please come back and post them here in case anybody else asks. Good luck.

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