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How do I track down where my image has been used?

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1 hour ago, sb photos said:

Further to my previous comment by searching by my credit I found my image used and credited here:




My image appears to be used and credited in a Times Instagram post used elsewhere, and the article displaying it was dated 26/7/19. Am I correct in assuming the Times used the image in their Instagram account and they should report their usage by 26/11/19? The last image used by the times was reported relatively quickly.

Yes, Live News images can be chased with Alamy after 4 months is up.  Usually The times is good at reporting uses the following month.

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9 hours ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

News.com.au is Murdock owned and i have been paid for that image, I’ll look into the cairnspost.com one

I haven’t had any of those uses reported for my image, so I’m surprised yours has been. Only a few days to go until I can chase them up, though.

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