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Always remember to find and check on the net your sold images. You never know what kind of surprise you'll find!

I just discovered this photo sold for the following use:


Country: India
Usage: Editorial
Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic
Print run: up to 10,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1/4 page
Start: 16 October 2019
End: 16 October 2024


and instead used for a front cover! 😡



Just reported it to Alamy. Let's see what happens


I must remember to remove India from my list of allowed countries next year!



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Odd that the country is listed as India - Nawras is the inflight magazine of Air Arabia, based near Dubai! 

The mag is published by Maxposure Media Group who have an office in India but surely the usage details should be for where the image is going to be used?

So if the country is wrong, the size is wrong, the placement is wrong.....I wonder if the print run (the least you can select) is correct?

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It used to be that we negotiated fees on the basis of how big how many and where but over the years things have moved to "a price for anywhere anysize". I don't really like it, but buyers are getting used to that as a normal way of doing things.  This is not just an India thing

Edited by Robert M Estall
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