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About Good Lighting . . .

Ed Rooney

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This one was the worst lighting for a landscape, ever. Nearly dusk. Backlit. But no help for it because it was a scenic drive, and this is where we were at that time of day. Nothing pretty on the other side of the road. This was in the fall, and there was autumn color, but it was dingy and nothing nice because of the horrible light. 
I nearly scrapped this image because everything but the sky was dark. Instead, I worked forever on this image, teasing out a bit of color and lightening the shadows. Then selectively removing horrible noise. I didn’t have LR. And this was taken probably 8-10 years ago. My PP skills were abominable compared to now.

I nearly put it up for deletion eventually. Then it sold. And sold again. I still can’t figure out why unless there wasn’t anything decent to choose from at those times. This is a pretty famous scenic drive noted for autumn color, so anyone doing a guidebook or newspaper article might have looked for a photo of the area.



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