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I'm really hacked off about this K3 announcement because I upgraded my K5 to a K5IIS (without any anti-aliasing filter) earlier this year at considerable expense. If I hadn't done that, I'm sure I would be lining up for a K3, but I don't think I really need 24 mp, and haven't had any problems shooting without the anti-aliasing filter. Surely the on/off aspect is a software fix rather than anything physical?


Anyway, there wont be any around except a few revue examples for a month at least. The new £400, 55-300 sounds interesting and I will certainly be looking for revues when that becomes available 

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Will not be available until November. From the spec sheet sounds like a huge leap forward for Pentax. Have to wait and see the results though.

Supposedly a new 24mp Sony sensor, AA filter turns on/off, larger viewfinder, completely new AF system.



Delighted to see the 55-300 get redone too, great lens for the price.


Sounds like the silver special edition is already sold out just with pre-orders.

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Surely the on/off aspect is a software fix rather than anything physical?

Apparently if AA filter is "ON" it shakes the sensor a little during the exposure. If AA is "OFF" it doesn't. Neat trick! Possibly uses the same ultrasonic piezo? generator (but with lower amplitude vibration) that it uses to shake dust off the sensor. Take a look at the preview on DPReview.com

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