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A few thoughts… ‘Crow’ (but what kind of crow? Latin name too. Same for ‘seagull’, ‘sparrow’ and ‘little bird’)…
I’d expand the captions… so it’ll be the ‘Blue Mosque in Istambul, Turkey’…
You might need a bit of help with tags, since English is presumably not your first language. If your pictures are to be seen, you need to get them right. Some of the tags don’t really describe what I’m seeing in the pix. Good luck!

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1 hour ago, John Morrison said:

Unos pocos pensamientos ... 'Cuervo' (pero ¿qué clase de cuervo? Nombre latino también. Lo mismo para 'gaviota', 'gorrión' y 'pajarito') ...
expandiría los subtítulos ... así que será la 'Mezquita Azul en Estambul, Turquía '...
Es posible que necesite un poco de ayuda con las etiquetas, ya que presumiblemente el inglés no es su primer idioma. Si desea ver sus imágenes, debe hacerlas bien. Algunas de las etiquetas realmente no describen lo que estoy viendo en la imagen. ¡Buena suerte!


Thank you very much for your comment and for your time. I will follow your advice. Indeed, my English is very basic, the good part is that this will help me improve the language.

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Your images look good, Sonia.


When shooting for stock, you might want to consider widening your subject matter. You'll find that a lot of others are shooting birds and other animals. You're in a position to capture the details of where you are . . . so do that. 

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