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Alan Shearman

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Hi, I've literally just had my 1st three images accepted to sell on Alamy. I'm Alan and live in London, UK and shoot mainly wildlife. I know for my 1st three images they had to be at least 17mb is that the minimum for any future uploads?


I'm sure some of you in retrospect may have done things differently when you first started, so any pitfalls to avoid or any handy tips would be most welcome.


Happy selling


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Hello Alan, welcome to the forum.


First of all, the little blue number next to images under your picture say 1. This means that only one of your  three images is on sale so far. Pop into AIM (alamy image manager) to see which boxes haven't been ticked.


17mb is the minimum size.


As for advice? There is everything you need in the contributor help pages, it's not always easy to find. There is a wealth of information the forum, the search button is your friend, for instance, "17mb" brings up 8 pages of help.


My main advice is to have a good idea why you are contributing to alamy and to keep reviewing your expectations against returns. 


Good luck!




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Rf or rm, loads of stuff on the forum. There will be better replies than I can offer. My practice is to decide if if the picture contains property or not, tick the appropriate box and leave it at that. Looking at your three pictures I'd say the butterfly pictures do not contain property but the beagles picture does contain property. 


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On 07/08/2019 at 16:53, Alan Shearman said:

so any pitfalls to avoid or any handy tips would be most welcome


Maintain a quality threshold (ie don't upload second-rate pic just to get the numbers up). Spend time on tagging your pix; irrespective of your pics' qualities, tags and captions represent the difference between your pix being seen... and disappearing into the mire. Keyword accurately... and if keywords don't come immediately to mind, consider whether the pic is worth uploading at all. Take notice of what sells (it may take a while to make your first sale). The kind of pix that sell may not necessarily be the kind of pix you enjoy taking. Good luck!

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