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Video footage



Anyone know what the status of video submissions is?

Alamy still has some footage available for license, so their not out of it entirely.

Making plans for a long stock trip in a year or so and I want to cover certain areas with stills, video, drone and timelapse and have all the material available through one agency.

Pond5 would be my other option, but I'm not thrilled with their stills terms.

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Alamy have said that they are not planning to accept new contributors for video submissions, even from those of us who are long-standing stills contributors. They have focussed their resources on the current stills library and their iphone stock app which cannot be discussed in this forum, by decree of Alamy.


Alamy also forbid naming of competitor agencies, so we can't really discuss much. However, the one you mention hardly ever sells any still images anyway. The four big microstock agencies all do video and they are your best bet if you are a generic photographer/videographer (except one big G which I wouldn't touch with a bargepole).

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