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I Welcome any Feedback on My Vectors


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Hi everyone,


If there is anyone who is either an expert, professional, or knowledgeable illustrator or graphic designer, I would appreciate your critique:


On the "Woman with the Blue Dress" vector, I am a little concerned about her dress showing a little more of the left leg.  My intention was to create a very "wave-like" pattern that relates to the idea I described in the "Water Element", which I have a lot of text written in it.  I thought the wet dress was a good concept that linked to the water jar illustration. 


I also, like the cool-looking design I have of the overall dress.  However, I because it is meant for inspiring women, I don't want them to think that I am somehow sexualizing it.  Should I cover more of the top left leg, and and middle of the right leg? 


Another thing was that I included additional description that said it was for women of any gender, so what do you think?  Finally, There seems to be somewhat overwhelming text, but I tried my best.  Anyway, from my personal view I believe it is genuine and love it. Can I edit my images through Alamy Image Manager or in My Portfolio Page?  One last thing, please review my other vectors, even though I believe I have them right, there maybe something I haven't noticed, please offer me advice if you can, thank you.


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I'm no expert on that kind of image, but I strongly suspect that the more text you add to an image, the narrower its market becomes and the less likely it is to sell. Also, you cannot edit any images after uploading: you are expected to submit the finished article. Images can be replaced with a different version if you contact member services, but that is intended as a safety net to correct errors in processing and the like.

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