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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, If there is anyone who is either an expert, professional, or knowledgeable illustrator or graphic designer, I would appreciate your critique: On the "Woman with the Blue Dress" vector, I am a little concerned about her dress showing a little more of the left leg. My intention was to create a very "wave-like" pattern that relates to the idea I described in the "Water Element", which I have a lot of text written in it. I thought the wet dress was a good concept that linked to the water jar illustration. I also, like the cool-looking design I have of the overall dress. However, I because it is meant for inspiring women, I don't want them to think that I am somehow sexualizing it. Should I cover more of the top left leg, and and middle of the right leg? Another thing was that I included additional description that said it was for women of any gender, so what do you think? Finally, There seems to be somewhat overwhelming text, but I tried my best. Anyway, from my personal view I believe it is genuine and love it. Can I edit my images through Alamy Image Manager or in My Portfolio Page? One last thing, please review my other vectors, even though I believe I have them right, there maybe something I haven't noticed, please offer me advice if you can, thank you.
  2. Hi everyone, I constantly check my images (vectors), as one of them show it is "on sale", while the others don't on Alamy Image Manager. Yet, they all passed the quality control process, and show a "green bar", which has a status of "good discoverability", so I assume they are all on sale with good discoverablity. Still, I am a little concerned, about my dashboard displaying all of pictures in "poor discoverability" status. Since I just recently uploaded them two days ago, I will wait at least one more day to see if it changes. Next, I don't know if it is just that it does not load or something else. Please share your thoughts or knowledge, I will appreciate it, thanks.
  3. Hello. I started sending Vectors to Alamy recently, but Is there a maximum size ? Sorry if this is already answered in another thread. I send already 3,4 MO and 17, 4 MO.
  4. I just had a great idea on how to easily make millions at this business, and thought I'd mess with vector illustration a bit. So I had a few fundamental technical questions for anyone who would be kind of enough to answer. I do understand the basic concept of how vector files work as opposed to raster files. And I've gone thru a few informative, online tutorials. But I'd still like to know if "vector files" created in Photoshop CC using "paths" to design shapes can be saved as EPS files that are perfectly compatible with Alamy standards. (assuming all the technicals are perfect, of course). That is, can I get by solely with Photoshop or not at all, and will need to utilize other programs such as Illustrator? And then, after creating a vector file in PS, do you need to flatten all the layers before saving and uploading to Alamy? Plus, let's say you get that really nice design. Is it a good idea to make many similar variations- like changing sky colors, adding clouds, or other elements? Plus I've dabbled in making a vector illustration in PS, (using pen paths and filling shapes), but can I then use the art brush within those shapes so that the final product becomes an artistic (even painterly) illustration all as a genuine vector?
  5. Hi there I would like to try out the Vector section, can you tell who to use to convert my files from jpg to EPS........also what is FTP please.
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