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Big Thanks to Alamy for sorting out my ginormous clanger.


Basics for the peanut gallery, new camera, 46 images uploaded, uncompressed 60 megabytes each.  Instead of rejection and hit on upload rating, all of them passed.


Warmly appreciated Alamy guys 'n gals.






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Not sure I understand Krisken - assuming you uploaded them as JPEGS they would generally upload at 12-20MB compressed, and then "uncompress" to 60MB each.


So you have not done anything wrong, and Alamy have simply passed your images as normal. My images uploaded are 63MB each (unless I have cropped them) but as I upload them as JPEGs they upload as rather smaller files.



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Thanks for replying, Doc.


You're right and I panicked like a five year old when I realised I had missed a step in usual workflow routine. Mind, I'm at the coast for a week and found that they were having their annual Triathalon event the day after I arrived. Great shots of the cycling part of the event and that's when I found the withdrawal of the 'Live News Feed' facility a drawback.


Still, the submission passed rapidly and I was able to upload some more after they did so.


Take care,





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