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FTP upload - what constitutes a 'batch'?

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If I'm uploading, say, 300 images via FTP, I may want to upload them in batches for a couple of reasons:


  • Easiler management/tracking of batches
  • If there's a bad image in the 300, all will be rejected from QC, rather than just a small batch of (say) 30


But when uploading via FTP, what's the 'interval' threshold that constitutes an individual submission? How long should I leave it between uploads to have the next lot considered separate from the last lot? A couple of minutes? 15 mins? 

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If an image fails QC, all images awaiting QC will also be rejected, whether they were uploaded as one batch or twenty batches. So to be sure of avoiding that, you would have to wait for the first batch, of whatever size, to pass QC before uploading more.

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Be careful of too many similars. You don’t want to upload 100 similar images of an event. A handful, 3-5 representative of your best will do. Although a concert, 2-3 of each singer is ok.

Some people here have small ports because each image is one of a kind. But that one may be the very best of 10 shots. Those people often outsell those of us who have 5 times more in their port.

Why? Because they aren’t competing with themselves.

Say you upload 8 pictures of the dog romping with a child. One of those is outstanding. Two are pretty good, five are ho-hum. 

A buyer does a search for “child playing with dog”

Your ho-hum image comes up ahead of your outstanding image that may not show up until in the deeper pages. Your ho-hum image is competing with Joe Blow’s outstanding image...he only chose his best one. The buyer may not do a deep search and never see your great one. If he/she finds an outstanding one on the first couple of pages, the search stops there. Their time is money.


Which image will be licensed? Not yours. But if the only one you uploaded was your outstanding one, it will compete favorably with Joe Blow’s outstanding image and you have a much better chance of getting the sale.  Of course, that depends on where your image is placed. But even if placed further than the first few pages, some buyers do search deeper and will see yours.

Just because you upload 10 similar images don’t mean they all will be seen near each other so the buyer can easily choose the one that they consider best. The algorithm causes them to be scattered around over numerous pages, and Murphy’s Law dictates your weakest will be ahead of your best!


I've actually gone back into a set of 5 and deleted the weakest ones after performing my own search and finding my weaker images were showing first.


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None of the images I'll be uploading will be 'similars', they'll all be individual shots of completely different subjects and scenes throughout a large event. But thanks for the advice anyway!

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