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Greetings from Devon


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Hello Guys and Gals!

Hoping we get some good weather soon, and I will be out more, roving the country lanes of Devon.

I live in Ivybridge in the South Hams of Devon, England and have just joined the Alamy Forum.

My main interests are photographing insects and birds, but that doesn't mean I don't get "trigger-happy" when I am out and about!

Although I generally only take one lens with me – I stroll rather than walk, a light load suits me best – here is a list of my gear.


Canon EOS 77D camera

together with Canon EFS 18-135mm Lens

and EFS 55-250mm Lens.

Extension Tubes enabling Macro-Photography are:

Kenko 12mm, 20mm and 36mm,

plus an Amaran Ring Lamp.


Let's hear from anyone near me, or have the same interests, I'd be pleased to hear from you.

Best wishes



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Hi Brian


I'm just up the road in Didworthy, near South Brent.


Nice set of photos - I have to admit... I haven't really tried much wildlife/macro photography yet!


I have recently had my first sale - a set of photos of a fairly local hotel..... its surprising what sells!






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Hello Jools

Just returned from a short walk, saw your message.

Wow so near!

Well done on  your sale!

Make a note of my email address, can communicate there:


I'll answer properly later

All the best


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Well done on your sale Jools. Your Devon Show coverage is really superb!

I haven't had a sale on Alamy for a long time, I suppose I don't take the sort of pictures that people need.

At the moment, I have stopped uploading to Alamy, I raised a query with them last week, sent samples, about the fact that when I  upload images, it transfers my title and description, but not my tags! I haven't changed the way I put details into my images' exif, tag words with a semi-colon after each one, just as I've done for years, and Alamy has said they have handed the matter to their Tech Dept. I live in hope!


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