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  1. Well done on your sale Jools. Your Devon Show coverage is really superb! I haven't had a sale on Alamy for a long time, I suppose I don't take the sort of pictures that people need. At the moment, I have stopped uploading to Alamy, I raised a query with them last week, sent samples, about the fact that when I upload images, it transfers my title and description, but not my tags! I haven't changed the way I put details into my images' exif, tag words with a semi-colon after each one, just as I've done for years, and Alamy has said they have handed the matter to their Tech Dept. I liv
  2. Hello Jools Just returned from a short walk, saw your message. Wow so near! Well done on your sale! Make a note of my email address, can communicate there: bryan.photographer@gmail.com I'll answer properly later All the best Bryan
  3. Hello Alessandra Thank you very much for taking time to look at my images. Your comments are very helpful and very much appreciated. Regards BryanCanon
  4. Oh I'm sorry Gen, I didn't realise. sorry for butting in, didnt want to be rude, but I suppose it sounded like it. Regards Bryan late here, I better get to bed !
  5. Hi Phil, thanks for your comments. I've never thought of some aspects that Gvallee has suggested, interesting. But I admit to having started, just with text software, single pages, the file name being the subject (e.g. Pheasant) and then typing in all the tag words, semi-colon at the end of each, and when I need the "Pheasant" list of tag words again, I just open it up and copy/paste into the tag word place in the exif details page. Alamy can read them and they go where needed on the Alamy 'discovery' page. But I can see, as has been mentioned, that I need to keep my tag words m
  6. Hi again John You've really put my mind at rest about those issues, thank you. I'd better get going, full steam ahead with loads more images! All the best Bryan
  7. Hi Gvallee, some good tips there, thanks for putting them up! Regards, Bryan
  8. Hello Harry Thanks for that, I can see what you mean, so now I'm going to head for that link. Really appreciated Bryan
  9. Hello John Nice to know you're a "neighbour"! Thank you so much for taking the trouble to look through my images. I can see where you're coming from regarding keywords. To be honest, I have always been concerned about not having a full 50 keywords in order to get a green 'For Sale' bar right across and that's why I have always tried to fill the quota even with some words that do no exactly fit the image. What's your experience, is it really necessary to always put in 50 keywords? I'm worried that Alamy downgrades images that doesn't completely meet the 'full green' target. I hav
  10. I'd love to, would be a big adventure for me, never been to the States. Thanks for the history. It's 1 at night here, so I will have to save it, read the rest tomorrow. Really good of you Rachel Bryan.
  11. Well Betty, I'm either a 'psychic' or I looked it up on Google LOL, guess which. Yes, I'm in a town called Ivybridge, in South West England, South Hams, County of Devon. It's just 10 miles East of Plymouth (you know, where the Pilgrim Fathers sailed from to America, Plymouth Massachusetts in about 1620). Good your recipe turned out well. It's ok Betty, I'll go hungry! It's almost a tradition in England to have horseradish sauce with roast beef. My father used to dig the horseradish plant up and grate the roots to make our own sauce, but very strong, more tears than when peeling
  12. Hello Betty, thanks for looking at my images and I really appreciate your comments. I can see where you're coming from and you've been a big help which will enable me to be more careful in with the images I put into Alamy. Here's a guide I found for your beef roast: Hope it goes well. How do I get a portion? 🍽️ Season roast with salt and pepper liberally. Turn the pressure cooker to saute. ... Pour in beef broth and scrape up any browned bits on bottom of instant pot. Add roast back into pressure cooker, along with the onion powder, garlic and horseradish.
  13. Having been a photographer for many years and a long-time uploader to Alamy, now as a new member to this Forum it's good to know that I can get a critique on my images. It could be that my subjects are not widely needed, and naturally would like to see better sales figures (wouldn't we all !!). So here below is the link to my images in Alamy, and I'd appreciate comments, even if they're a criticism – maybe advice as to what I should shoot instead. Thanks Guys and Gals in advance. BryanCanon https://www.alamy.com/contrib-browse.asp?cid={CC389190-9A87-489C-9786-31
  14. Hello Guys and Gals! Hoping we get some good weather soon, and I will be out more, roving the country lanes of Devon. I live in Ivybridge in the South Hams of Devon, England and have just joined the Alamy Forum. My main interests are photographing insects and birds, but that doesn't mean I don't get "trigger-happy" when I am out and about! Although I generally only take one lens with me – I stroll rather than walk, a light load suits me best – here is a list of my gear. Canon EOS 77D camera together with Canon EFS 18-135mm Lens and EFS 55-250mm Lens.
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