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Recent threads about scanning prompted me to: update my ancient copy of Vuescan (bless Ed Hamrick); get my Canon FS4000 out of the cabinet where it's been sitting for 15 years; hook it up via USB; and run a couple of random slides through.


Darned if it didn't work! Darned if it didn't also remind me of the perils of trying to clean up slides, before and after scanning. And how slow it is.


Back in the day, I connected it via SCSI, but I can't say that the USB (2) connection seemed any slower.




What do you use to clean up slides before scanning?


Any tips on maintenance/cleanup for the FS4000? 

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Before you spend too much time scanning Bill, reading this forum thread 

 is very informative. In fact, I bought the little Nikon ES-1 slide copier which screws onto my macro (60mm) and take photos of my slides. Its very quick and the results are excellent. So much so that my scanner will be going on sale when I get around to it.

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Yes, thanks Colin, I’ve done similar with a macro lens + ext tube, copy stand & light box for old family slides. I probably won’t be getting into scanning anytime soon—I’m currently two trips behind in my digital processing!

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