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Critique Cleveland Ohio Street Photography Porfolio


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I am looking for a critique on my Cleveland Ohio Street Photography portfolio.  Sometimes when we spend a lot of time in one place we overlook a lot of what actually makes a place and space unique.  In reviewing the portfolio hopefully you will come away with a sense of both the place and space of Cleveland Ohio.  Are there obvious gaps? Do you get a sense of the city core and if not what do you see as missing? Is it in the photo compositions or is it gaps in the overall portrayal of place/space in Cleveland? As an academic I am use to being critiqued and while it is not always pleasant in the end it usually helps me improve.  I now only use a fixed-lense Fuji X100T which I love but it does have its limitations. 


Cleveland Ohio Street Photography portfolio: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/116237/clevelandohiostreetphotography.html



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1 hour ago, Doc said:

Nice photos MarkK - I like the people in the cover photo but its a shame they are not sharp - can you improve that?





Thank you.  As for the cover photo, for some reason it looks washed out and definitely not sharp.  I am not sure what happened with the photo when it was uploaded there but as that is the initial impression I need to figure out how to get the photo to display correctly. 

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