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Changes to the forum - March 2019


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Hi all,


As you may have noticed, we're making some changes in the layout and organisation of the forum. 


Please familiarise yourself with the new guidelines and post any suggestions for future tweaks and development into the suggestions area.


The biggest change is probably in the "Community Support: Ask the Forum" section, which is now setup specifically for support questions and answers. 


Whilst we all get used to the new layout, you might find us moving posts around to the correct place if they have been posted somewhere else. We are also looking at archiving the older posts to a separate area that will still be searchable. We've got a few other ideas as well, but that's for another day...


We're committed to making the Alamy forum work for you all in the best possible way through collaboration, support and shared experience.




James Allsworth

Contributor Experience Manager

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