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Welcome to the Alamy Forum - please read these guidelines for use!


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The Alamy forum is open to everyone and is designed to help our wonderful, worldwide community of photographers support each other in navigating the world of Alamy and stock photography in general.


If you’ve just joined and posted but can’t see it yet, that’s because your first post needs to be reviewed and moderated. This usually takes no longer than 48 hours.


Here are a few guidelines we need you to take on board if you’re looking to be part of the community.


  • The Alamy forum is for contributors to spark debate and find answers from each other. Although Alamy will jump in from time to time, this is your forum!
  • Be inclusive and welcome new members. Only provide constructive criticism if it’s asked for. Remember, we were all new once.
  • This is an Alamy forum so it’s not the place to be attempting to damage the Alamy brand through defamatory comments or promoting competitors. You also should not post anything defamatory against our competitors or customers.
  • Before posting, it’s always good to search to see if a similar topic or question has been posted before. You might find that your topic has already been covered.
  • You will be held responsible for any comments you post so be nice to others and keep things mature, respectful and fact based. Please report any comments to us that don’t adhere to this.
  • Try to keep your posts relevant to the topic and the corresponding forum area. We may remove certain posts or move them to the correct area if we feel they don’t belong where you put them.
  • We’ll remove any posts that contain shameless self-promotion or advertising. Kind of goes without saying but we would also expect you to not promote or link to other photography forums.
  • Only one login/username is allowed per person – this is the same as your Alamy login.


The legal bits:


  • Alamy take no responsibility for the comments or opinions posted by individuals outside of Alamy.
  • Alamy reserve the right to remove any posts without notice as we see fit.
  • Alamy reserve the right to delete your membership to the forum at any time and ban you from registering again in the future should any of these rules be broken. This will not affect your Alamy contributor membership.
  • While these general rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. In order to keep things running smoothly for everyone, Alamy reserve the right to take any actions deemed appropriate to ensure the forum is not disrupted or abused in any way.


Please familiarise yourself with these rules and guidelines before posting. This forum isn’t always actively moderated around the clock so the quality and effectiveness of how it functions relies on you guys making the best of it!

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