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AIM acting up

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I was using AIM earlier in the day to keyword images, and it worked fine.   However tonight (9:50 pm PST), when I click on an image, there is a white blank space in the pane to the right where the keyword etc information should be.  Instead that information is appearing below that blank space and I have to scroll down (so I no longer see the image I'm working on) to be able to add keywords etc.


Anyone else having this glitch?



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39 minutes ago, M.Chapman said:


Did the same solution (set zoom level to 100%) fix it? 





I tried that and it didn't work.  However I just tried something different now, selecting "Zoom Text Only" and that seemed to make it go back to normal.  They must have tweaked something in the code, because I don't think I've ever modified that setting (or even knew about it).



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