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Consolidating portfolio images

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New to the forum although a contributor for many years - so, questions others may know the answers to.   Or not . . !


Having uploaded images of similar subjects  / locations but at different times, they are now scattered across my "collection".  

1. Is it possible to gather / move my images in one "group" regardless of the chronology so a searcher for e.g. "Windsor Castle" would see all my versions in one place rather than looking for "similar images by this photographer" ?   Would it depend on ensuring all my tags for each similar image are exactly the same ?   

2. Any conceivable advantage in doing so? 

3. Or is the new portfolio page the answer and if so, can the portfolio be arranged so that the images are "grouped" into types / locations / topics ?


Hope this is reasonably clear / concise.  Looking forward to comment (constructive) / solutions.

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The portfolio page can certainly be used for organizing your portfolio.  That is if you want to highlight a group of images to a particular client.  But who wants to spend time on marketing?  That's what Alamy is for.

As for searchers looking to license images of a particular item, you've got to compete with all other images in the Alamy collection, so the usual bromides of good images, good keywording, etc..... apply.

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