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  1. Enlightenment ! Thanks. As an itinerant contributor to Alamy, I often wondered, but only used Google, if any pictures / photos had been half inched. Copytrack and Pixsy will be the way forward. What was (were?) more concerning and further enlightening were the blog articles on copyright or privacy infringement - e.g. photos of people, buildings etc. While I appreciate that our trans Atlantic cousins might be more litigious, the potential but not definitive pitfalls were sufficient to cause pause and reflection. If I read it correctly (possibly not) buildings such as the Empir
  2. As one of the many (?) imaging irregulars, it can only be a good thing. My limited sales have given a mild endorphin boost in these troubled times but the inability, unless willing to embark on time consuming searches, to find where they end up puts a damper on things. If only for the pleasure of pointing family / friends towards them to say "I did that !" I'm neither prolific enough or indeed concerned enough to step between agent and customer - too much hassle I would think. p.s. A regular argument with a colleague is whether we produce images (I know they are digit
  3. Thanks all for your kind comments. Possibly (definitely!) in too much of a hurry to get back “in the game” to sort out and upload accumulated backlog 😐. The not for sale issue now solved. Re the raptor - on the case. Need to have a word with the twitcher or is that birder (who) that “advised” me. 🙄. Thanks again - stay safe. Message ends.
  4. Ooops need lessons in proof reading to start with !! Cut and paste (and cutting corners) at fault.
  5. I've read (and dont quote me) that some of the "Northern" words, phrases, accents are whispered echos of the Norse (so called Vikings) who populated and integrated e.g. Yorkshire and Cumbria. The latter the last outpost of the Norse while Harold's ('arold's?) Normans went about their harrying (ethnic cleansing) of the north. Strange really as they were effectively cousins at least. Not all Scottish is incomprehensible - I know of what you speak - thats possibly just Scots "speak". The most lilting, haunting and evocative language to me is the Gaelic of the Western Isles of Scotland
  6. Now thats an "outing" that is. Or is that not one of the rules or is one of the rules or might be one of the . . . . . . A disingenuous listing on the auction site re the slides but if you are lucky, as I'm sure you know anyway, there can be some real "social history" images (slides / pictures / transparencies?) - a colleague of mine came across about 30+ "Kodaks" showing a family's days out in America circa 1960+ ; fantastic images of the times. The cars, the clothes, the advertising - the Americana. A joy just to look at them and wonder who they are (were) why their history
  7. All, After recently uploading 8 images and passing QC, only one accepts tags / captions etc and shows "on sale". The other 7 allow tagging / captioning / saving but resolutely refuse to go on sale ! I've allowed time for the Alamy servers to update / consolidate themselves as they occasionally need to do. Solvable by me or by the Alamy side ? In the dim (and diminishing past !) I seem to recall that I had to delete the lot and re-submit. Is that the case , anyone had similar problems and solutions? Regards
  8. Way, way, way off topic but having read your opening line " I bought another lens today" and referencing CV19 effects on us all, my mind jumped to the Beatles lyric: "I heard the news today, oh boy" from "A day in the life". Sums up what most of us (?) feel on opening a paper or switching on a "news source". So buying a new lens today marks one of those passing but very welcome mini diversions. Message ends - stay safe all.
  9. New to the forum although a contributor for many years - so, questions others may know the answers to. Or not . . ! Having uploaded images of similar subjects / locations but at different times, they are now scattered across my "collection". 1. Is it possible to gather / move my images in one "group" regardless of the chronology so a searcher for e.g. "Windsor Castle" would see all my versions in one place rather than looking for "similar images by this photographer" ? Would it depend on ensuring all my tags for each similar image are exactly the same ? 2. Any c
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