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Hi from the Netherlands

Joost Adriaanse

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Hi all,

I am new at Alamy. I am an amateur photographer from the Netherlands (57 years "old") and have been doing photography for a very long time.  I started off with medium format analogue roll film cameras and finally switched to digital once the quality was almost equivalent to what I was used to with analogue technology (starting with a Canon 5D mark 1).

Because of my work I never had time to build a network to sell my images. I did start an own site recently to show some of my images (see: https://www.joostphoto.nl/ ) but you need more to actually sell images. As I want to be more active with my hobby again, I joined Shutterstock a few months ago to see if it would be possible to sell some of my images via a stock agency. I luckily do not have to earn a living from photography (it is still a hobby for me) but it would be really nice if could earn a little bit of money to buy some new equipment every now and then.

As Shutterstock is more focussed on real stock photography I was thinking that maybe Alamy would fit me better as I am mostly interested in nature and landscape photography and most of my pictures are editorial. I sold about 100 photos in two and a half months on Shutterstock now but, given the very low earnings (25 euro cent), it does not really cover the hours needed to upload and tag the images. Probably have to be a bit more patient, ha ha. I recently also joined Alamy to see what customers from Alamy are looking for and if the money earned would be worth the effort.




Best regards,


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