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Which are the best choice Rf or Rm, if the photography works, only available on Alamy?

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Dear Alamy community and contributors!


Please help me, what do you think about this?


Which are the best choice : Rf or Rm, if the photography works, only available on Alamy?


Waiting for your answers,


Many thanks,


King Regard,


Akos Horvath


Hobby Photographer

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If you search old forum topics, you should be able to find a number of discussions about RM vs. RF.  It has always been a popular subject.


Probably more important at this point would be editing your collection. You have far too may similar images. Upload only a few of the best ones from every shoot. Right now, I don't think that your chances of making sales are very good with all the repeated images in your collection. Having all those similar photos also adds a lot of clutter to Alamy that can drive away potential customers. It will also hurt your CTR.


Good luck.

Edited by John Mitchell
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