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How much to charge?

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It`s been a long long time since i did a commissioned shoot. When my partner was contracted to a large firm of architects,

as a favour, i took a few images for her which she used in a report. The architects have now asked me to quote for supplying them with around 100 high res images of a

new shopping mall.


 Ball park figure of what i should be quoting?


The shopping mall is about a 30 minute drive from home.







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You need to be much more specific about what is expected, imo.


100 images seems a lot for an arxhitecure office to put on their website, is it 100 pics to chose from? If not shooting 100 quality pics of a shopping mall can be huge job, considering selection and pp...


I suppose they want facades + some interior shots to showcase the architecure, maybe a few shots to show the ambience and maybe a few details... 


To make a long story short:

- architecture shots takes a lot of time to shoot and pp... in a mall that is functioning might be difficult to have the perfect shot...

- interior shots even more

- details too

- lifestyle a bit less maybe, but you then you can spend a whole day finding interesting scenes?


so calculate how much time you will spend to cover all topics that are expected... but I think you might consider asking for more info before starting such a job, my two cents

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Thanks, Michael.


They have sent me example images from another of their shopping mall projects, so i have a good idea of the style/type

of images they are looking for. Yes, 100 does seem a lot. I assume to choose from. Something i need to clarify.

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