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Sharing Alamy watermarked images

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Can anyone please clarify this for me?
I was of the opinion that images on Alamy's website were protected against copyright abuse by application of a watermark. Hence, if an image appeared on a social media website that had been lifted from Alamy without obtaining a licence, it was a flagrant breach of copyright and denied the owner and Alamy  their fee for using same.

However, I have come across this blog which seems to suggest that provided the image is simply shared as described, this is perfectly acceptable and no copyright infringement occurs..


My question therefore; does this not go against the fundamental principal that contributors submit images in order to sell them and not to have them freely shared among anyone on social media who feels so inclined?

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Not sure but I don't think that is saying it is OK to share an image with the watermark it is saying it is OK to share the image using the Alamy "share" button - which acts as a free licence for a watermarked attributed image that is a direct link to where you buy the unwatermarked version.

So if someone looks through Alamy sees an image,  screenshots it and posts it on social media with no attribution and no link back they are in breach of copyright.

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6 minutes ago, Richard Tadman said:

That's interesting. Thanks for the feedback. The video seems to suggest that you can freely post it to Google, or am I mistaken?


No, it is to Google Plus - which is Google's social media, an equivalent of Facebook or Twitter.  Sharing it to Google Plus means it will only appear on your Google profile (which you may not even have - it is way less popular than Facebook and Twitter etc) not on "Google" itself if that makes sense.  I think sharing it to Google Plus wasn't the clearest way of demonstrating but they probably got some sort of kickback for promoting Google Plus.

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9 minutes ago, Richard Tadman said:

Thanks Starsphinx. 

So if Joe Bloggs shares a random image to all his "facebook" contacts, I'm guessing that wouldn't be a permissible use?

It would depend on how he got the image and what licencing is involved - plus whether he does an attribution and link

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