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Do not understand alamy help - ctr - kw optimisation

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I've been around for some time now and still don't really understand how the KW are optimized. I've read that the color bar in the AIM is not only unimportant, but even harmful. Instead it is always pointed out to look at the CTR and remove "inappropriate" KW. 
But what does that mean? Does a CTR of 0.00 mean that the KW were bad?
This picture





was viewed by customers, with the KWs


construction site aerial view


The picture fits perfectly to the KWs. 
But the customer didn't zoom in, so the CTR is 0,00. 
What should I do now to improve the KWs?
I am a bit helpless with the whole topic and would be grateful for any support. 



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Have you carried out a search using the same keywords? There are over 8700 images answering to that selection. Not sure how to put this, but I don't think that your keywords are the problem, take a look at some of the excellent photos that comprise your competition.


More generally you have to trade discoverability against CTR. People will have different views on this, but I tend to favour discoverability. If customers don't get to see your photos they aren't going to buy them. Avoid  misleading or plain wrong keywords ( I wish everyone did) but you've got to put your pictures in the marketplace and stand or fall by the quality of your work.


To clarify, you don't need to get your photos in the green zone, only a very small percentage of mine are, but you do need to find all possible ways of accurately describing your images.

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