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Newby questions and processing and stats

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A bit of advice please


I passed the QC a few weeks ago. I am starting to upload some Photos.


Some times i like to process Photos. would they pass the QC?

Also with snow you get high contrast and fog they are a bit soft will they pass?


Some examples below





Holga effect.  




HDR black and white


Fog and mist - soft
Cold River Side by SteveFizz, on Flickr
Snow - high contrast 


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I have a few HDR B&W conversions in my portfolio but have never been viewed let alone zoomed. The strong vignette is something I wouldn't risk at all personally. You could give it a try. 

Also worth noting that don't sharpen the images. Give a clearly defined focal point in the image too as this can fail. Soft, hmm, depends on the lens but I don't think there's anything wrong with your pics. 


Just my experience with conversions. Your more 'Arty' shots might fair well on FIne Art America as well. 

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Scrutinise your 'processed' shots at 100%, same as you would for any other pic, and reject any which don't 'snap' into crisp focus. Vignetting shouldn't effect QC, but I'd be wary of HDR. And don't get too hung up on the artistic aspects. The shots that sell best on Alamy are not usually the shots that would look good as posters or decor. Two very different markets...

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It doesn't really matter what anyone on this forum thinks, there's only one way to find out for sure.


(Nice images, by the way.)




Sorry if this appeared flippant - you were asking if anyone thought they would pass QC.  I would agree with some of the other comments, though: there may be better places to market them as they are more artistic than the average Alamy stock.

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A Big thanks to everyone


I have uploaded 7 images 24 hours, still waiting.


I have uploaded 2 pictures to 'Fine Art America'. First impressions, its a bit messy


I might have a go at some 'Stock' images I have got some ideas.


Just wait and see


Thanks again and waiting for Autumn (pictures, pictures, pictures)


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