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Changing "Your Ref"

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This may sound a strange one, but does anyone know if it is possible to change our own reference numbers (aka "Your Ref")?  I devised my current naming convention for my images back in 2003 to solve a particular problem I was having at the time.  Partly because I needed to obfuscate the date in the filenames and partly due to a limitation in the software I was using at the time.  15 years later my system still works but the need to hide the date and the software limitation has long since gone, and I am starting to think that a more friendly naming convention would be worth implementing in my workflow.  


Renaming all my past images is relatively straightforward (thanks to Lightroom), but if I did so the numbers would no longer match the reference numbers in Alamy - which I suspect might prove to be an issue for me further down the line.  I don't think there is any way we can change our own reference number via AIM.  But does anyone know if Alamy has any system to allow contributors to do it - eg in years gone by keywords, captions etc could be updated in bulk via a spreadsheet?


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