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Hi All


As I am new to this I am trying to make sure I do it all the right way, whilst I understand the requirement to get a release/sign off but I am slightly confused how it can be done with some pics, I have some pics of properties that have members of the public in them and I will never see them again so how can I get a sign off?


Cheers :)

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In the optional tag of your AIM there are drop downs for both property and people and you can click whether you have releases.  If you have images for which you are not going to get releases - be it odd members of the public you will never see again or well-known brands (face it the likes of Ford or Coke are not going to sign property releases) you click the No Release.  Then you can either tick the "editorial only" box or go "rights managed" on the licence type on the mandatory tab.

Pictures without releases can still be sold it's just what they can be sold for are more restricted.  If they are correctly marked there will not be a problem.

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