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  1. Amazing detail and information thank you, the Filter is brand new it is a Gobe which I am told is a middle of the range, I auto focused the lens without the filter on then put the lens on, then turned off the AF so it didnt try and focus with the lens on, there is no IS on this lens. Would I have been better off with about F11 and shorten the time on the lens, I was concerned not having enough open lens time to blur the water enough, I have hear of people using the ND1000 and having the lens open for 4mins. Again thanks for everyone's help with this. Normall
  2. Thanks gents, these were a couple of others in the same group one with the filter one without, just to try and compare, as you can see the water was fast flowing so I think maybe next time I will try with a wider aperture and shorter time to see if that removes the softness. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tynczv6hfynt0hw/IMG_8104.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/e8xlmxmn36m55f3/IMG_8105.JPG?dl=0
  3. Think I might give up, saved to drop box, shared link but doesnt seem to whant to do it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nvp21s5ot8yfr6e/Capture.PNG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/lik6pjz1gfl8v7n/IMG_8109.JPG?dl=0
  4. Hi All So this was one of the shots that failed the QC, to try and answer some of the required details. These are the shot details, slightly different to what I thought they were. Lens was the Kit EF:18-55 I shot in Raw and this was the J-Peg version of it, I processed it with Digital Photo professional 4 and only slightly changed white balance settings. I do realise this is only a starters camera kit and I do hope to upgrade some lenses soon but I think its OK to to get me started.
  5. Hi Colin thanks for that, I am new to the ND filters but as I was trying to keep the shutter open as long as possible I closed the aperture as far as possible, I did have a slight blur to the centre of the picture, could this have been caused by the tight aperture? Hope people dont object to the questions.,
  6. Im confused about noise, I took some pictures at the weekend using my new ND1000 filters and the failed the QC test because of noise, I have looked at the at 100% and cant see the noise that has failed them, I cant share the pics because they failed, would it be because I used the ND filters, is there any way of finding out what noise? I was trying to get a picture of the misty water on the weir The settings were ISO 100 F22 20secs (Middle of a sunny day) ND1000 Forgive the questions I am still new to this?
  7. They have now released it but I think there is an issue with the site as I can access it at the moment.
  8. I did post it friday so i will hold off untill monday 😁
  9. I posted some pictures 3 days ago but they are still sitting in the processing stage, could this mean they have given me a temporary block or does it sometimes take a while to process? Thanks
  10. Thanks for that I am quite dyslexic I was only asking about the settings because I am still learning and I know when you supply a picture it needs to show the meta data so wasnt sure when you are looking at shots you could see that. It seems I have a lot to learn.
  11. I have been looking over some of the amazing shots on alamy but cant see anyway of seeing any information on the settings or equipment used to take the shots, is this possible? And also how many of you carry your camera with you at all times just in case that shot may appear? Tel
  12. Hi All another question, am I correct that we are now allowed to do any form of editing on our pictures that we upload such as adjusting colors or touching up light and dark areas or is this OK, looking at a lot of the shots on Alamy I am amazed that they are all straight out of the cameras with no editing? Many thanks Tel
  13. Ok so I have made some changes, Hope this time they are better, thanks again Tel
  14. Thanks Gen The advice is very much appreciated, as a bit of a veteran on here would you be able to offer any advice on my first few pics, I do have concerns as I know they are no where near the quality of a lot on here but I am hoping to learn from them? Tel
  15. Gen I am still learning what I should and shouldn't tag on a post but I am taking it serious, I thought you had to add tags that would attract attract a linked attention, I agree with PRC9W2 and the trees, this was an error but I dont understand what you mean by "common name? Latin name? Top Trees???? Can't see that." ?? All advice is welcome as we all have to start somewhere. Terry
  16. Hi All As I am new to this I am trying to make sure I do it all the right way, whilst I understand the requirement to get a release/sign off but I am slightly confused how it can be done with some pics, I have some pics of properties that have members of the public in them and I will never see them again so how can I get a sign off? Cheers
  17. Ahhhh but that could have been a trick to make you look at the picture longer because you had to count them a few times Lol or it could have been the extra beer I had whilst posting
  18. Hi All Just joined and hope to try and sell some pics, only been taking pictures on a SLR for a few months now and love it, once I gain a greater confidence I will look to upgrade my kit, at the moment just got the Kit Canon 1300d with a Wide angle and Zoom. Hoping to find and share advice on here. Thanks All
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