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Add Filename to appear at bottom of image ? Photoshop

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1 hour ago, John Walker said:



Can any of you knowledgeable members suggest a way (layman simple terms) of batch adding the file name to an image. (not for uploading to Alamy of course - just for my own records :)  )






I assume you mean your own file reference. I use PhotoMechanic for all my metadata and adding my filename to caption or keyword is a doddle. I use PM to build my Headline (dateline) and first line of caption automatically, originally for Live News submissions but I use it for all my images now.


I don't think that Bridge, LR or PS has the same {variable} ability as PM. PM has a variable called {filename} - just put it where you want it in the metadata! I reckon PM has been the best investment I ever made for stock and news photography; by a long way. PM has a lot of other capabilities that simpliify captioning and keywording, especially if you have repetitive events (like sports teams with squad numbers). It is one piece of software that I could not imagine doing without. Includes FTP uploading of selected images with resizing to optimum news format (see the other thread!)

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Thanks Martin and Lawrenson


This scripting works and adds the image file name to the image but doesn't offer the option of where it's placed or the text colour. 


I presume some editing of the script will be required but I'm not sure I'm up to that.


Will experiment further tomorrow.



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