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Hi, I really need some advice. All of my previous images have not contained people but I now wish to submit some requiring a model release.

I have a word doc form so I can easily edit the information for different shoots. The problem is do I have to print each form and rescan saving as a JPEG. That's a lot of time and paper!

Or can someone suggest a more efficient way to convert the word doc to JPEG.


Any suggestions on model release would be gratefully received.



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If you are using Windows 7, Use the Snipping tool to take a screen shot of the screen area and save as a Capture.JPG. You'll find it in the Accessories folder of the Start Menu, All Programs. 


If you are not using Windows 7, just take a screen shot, and open Paint and paste it in. Then save as a Jpg. However, you can save Word Docs to PDF too which is what I do for releases. 

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