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  1. Wow I seem to have opened a can of worms here! Many interesting replies and good advice and some which seem a little crazy to this novice. Arterra suggests I shoot for many years to build up a portfolio and then submit and not on the hoof gradually as I am doing. Excuse my complete lack of experience and ignorance but I would have thought submitting when you can and learning as you go along would be the way to go? My images are not the best in the world, I have a lot to learn, but I hope I am submitting something of interest not any old tosh and flooding the servers with shear volume. I real
  2. Thanks for the feedback. It's a learning curve for me as I'm relatively new. But with perseverance I am improving. Thanks again.
  3. I started submitting to microstock sites at the start this year and have daily sales with many agencies. However with Alamy I have had only 3. Unusual thing is all 3 were in July over 2 weeks and these were my biggest earners selling for 175$, 22$ and 10$. But apart from these nothing. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks for the input. Have sussed a method. I can edit the word version then convert to pdf the convert to jpg. Sounds long winded but takes seconds. I did try the snipping tool but the resolution was very poor. Andy
  5. Hi, I really need some advice. All of my previous images have not contained people but I now wish to submit some requiring a model release. I have a word doc form so I can easily edit the information for different shoots. The problem is do I have to print each form and rescan saving as a JPEG. That's a lot of time and paper! Or can someone suggest a more efficient way to convert the word doc to JPEG. Any suggestions on model release would be gratefully received. Andy
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