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Matt Limb    82
1 hour ago, Betty LaRue said:

If one would travel anyway, without being a stock photographer, it's a different game.


Loving travel and photography both is a marriage that lasts.



Betty - You have hit the nail on the head, plus are we in business to make money or create wealth? 





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ChrisC    65
On 8/14/2017 at 07:56, Matt Limb said:


Chris, I have MacBook Pro with 8MB RAM and a 500 GB drive (as I said very basic) and it is ample for what I want, remember nothing image wise is stored on it long term as once back in the office all images are transferred and no issues with speed - hope that helps


Thanks Matt, I did know that version would be fine as that's what I've been looking at, but I wondered if yours was just a normal Macbook, so might be a bit cheaper. 

But Thanks amyway


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Betty LaRue    1,054

I'm one of those the real career photographers hate. If I weren't in stock, I'd still take pictures. I began taking them to use as inspiration for my painting.  Then funny thing on the way to the watercolor paper, my photographs made me take notice that the painting experience gave me the eye for photography composition. 

Of course, that was more fine art style, quite different from the needs of stock.  I figured if I was going to spend the money on the equipment, maybe I could earn some of that back.

Not saying I don't work hard at stock, because I do. It's just been a long road for me to understand what stock needs are, because my creative brain wants to get in my way.

I've only traveled twice for stock.  I've traveled many times for pleasure, but always keeping an eye out for stock material.


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