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  1. Would love some suggestions on a laptop for around £500 Prefer new rather than refurbished Will be running the usual suspects of LR and PS Smaller screen rather than larger-light as used on the road Not editing masses of images at once but maybe a few hundred per batch of 24mb raw files and a bit of video from time to time Still unsure of minimum spec Appreciate your input Stay healthy
  2. Thanks for all the above input. Regarding repair, I think its a possibility but its over 6 years old now and well used and feel I would be better adding the £100 or so it would cost to a new/newer one. Am keeping an eye on ipad pros but think am not there yet. Since it will be used on the road size is a consideration, as I see it my current one is around 15 inch but quite bulky so a 15 inch or less assuming later versions would be a tad thinner. I have seen a lot of refurbished Lenovos on ebay etc but unsure of what minimum spec I can settle for other than 8gb or up. Processor? Am nervous about the budget to be honest given the current situation so am just trying to see what I could possibly get away with. Appreciate the help Stay healthy
  3. So no sooner does work dry up so does my laptop. Need to find a temporary replacement ideal for travel once that's a possibility. Usual requirements of running light room and photoshop and handling 24mb files. Not huge quantities at a time and very little video. Budget is key here. So Windows I guess-what can I get away with. I know this has been covered previously but wonder if anything new on the market may meet my needs. Stay safe everybody Thanks
  4. Am considering a tablet for basic editing while on the road, lightroom/ps. Downloading to portable storage if I have too- But all the hard work when I get back- I don't usually shoot tons of images and for now about 24mb raw files Uploading to Alamy would be useful but not essential Usual email, blog & social media updating I have read the usual reviews and the top end is obvious but what more reasonably priced ones could I manage to work with? Thank you
  5. I have been asked to invoice a client for an image used as the cover of a book and am not sure how to price it. The client I have worked with previously, the editor am connected to on social media so have a reasonable relationship, they asked me a year and half ago to submit some images for possible use and I thought they had changed their mind until I received an invitation to the book launch featuring one of my images, I got in touch and they said I should invoice, we had at no point discussed a price, a quick look up of pricing on Alamy suggests something around $600 depending on print run ( am not sure what that will be) but am pretty sure they will not go for that, the book is published or just about to be so its not as though they are in a position to argue but I would rather avoid that. Am I worrying too much and should just bill them about $600?
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